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Cat Allard:

After receiving a bachelor's degree in fine arts from C.W.Post on Long Island, I started Bad Cat Graphics in 1986 by creating a menu for my favorite Japanese restaurant. We went on to design CD album covers, chap books and all manner of graphic works. You can find my personal website at: www.magicalcat.com.

Phil Allard:

For nine years, I managed the promotional department at the Taunton Press, publisher of special-interest, high-quality magazines and books. While there I wrote numerous direct mail packages and book promotional copy. For four years after that, I developed and managed content for www.taunton.com, the company's online presence. For a look at a microsite that I conceived and wrote, visit www.taunton.com/susanka. For my copywriting services see a description at www.philwrites.com.

Chuck Lockhart:

Artist extraordinaire, Chuck served as Art Director for Fine Homebuilding magazine for over 15 years. Chuck’s illustrations grace national magazines, children’s books, and websites. www.lockhartart.com

Maggie Mae Allard:

Maggie Mae was rescued when a kind stranger found her abandoned by the side of the highway and brought her to a local animal hospital. She was three-weeks old and heading south, stepping out with all the moxy that helped her recover from exposure and a variety of infections. Raggy and missing more than a few meals, she moved in and took over our hearts and home a few weeks later. Maggie is now healthy and sleek and can be found sunning herself on our window ledges when she's not trying the patience of her older brother and two sisters. You can write to her at: MaggieMae@badcatgraphics.com



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